Is Your Plan Terminating?

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is BCBS going out of business?

    No. BCBS will continue to process claims under your current plan with provider dates of service through 2017. As of January 1, 2018, BCBS will maintain a presence in nine Montana Counties in 2018. Even if you are a resident of one of the nine Counties you will still be required to complete an application selecting from either their BCBS Medicare Advantage Classic or Optimum Plan.
  • Is BCBS still offering Medicare Advantage Plans that include Prescription Drug Coverage?

    Yes. Only, if you reside in one of the following nine Counties (2018 Montana service areas)

    • Flathead
    • Lincoln
    • Lake
    • Missoula
    • Ravalli
    • Cascade
    • Lewis & Clark
    • Yellowstone
    • Gallatin

    Sanders and Mineral County Residents will no longer have a BCBS Medicare Advantage Plan available.

  • When does my coverage end?

    Your BCBS Medicare Advantage Coverage will continue uninterrupted through December 31, 2017, with no changes to benefits or copays. As of January 1, 2018, your current plan will no longer be available. If you reside in one of nine BCBS Service Areas (Counties) in 2018 you will have to enroll (complete a new application) selecting from either of the 2 new Medicare Advantage + Part D Plans if interested.
  • Will my claims still be paid?

    BCBS will continue to process claims through 2017. Providers have 12 months from the date of service to submit claims.
  • When is my current BCBS being non-renewed?

    The plan will no longer be offered as of January 1, 2018.
  • Why does Medicare & You book list service area as Montana when new Medicare Advantage Plans are only available in nine counties for 2018?

    The key thing to remember is that even if you live in one of the nine listed counties above and would like to maintain Medicare Advantage Coverage thru BCBS you will need to complete a new application and select from one of the two new plan options. We will be providing Humana Sales Seminars for Humana’s Medicare Advantage Plan in Lincoln, Sanders, Mineral, Flathead, and Lake Counties. If a member you will receive this seminar list at the beginning of October. If not a member our home page will display a seminar schedule. Always, feel free to contact our office at 406-752-7676
  • What do I do now?

    Open Enrollment is October 15, 2017 through December 7, 2018. You are able to enroll in a new plan. Due to all BCBS Medicare Advantage Member’s coverage terminating (even if you reside in one of the nine 2018 counties) you have the Special Enrollment Right to elect to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan without having to complete a Medical Questionnaire. Please retain your letter from BCBS that you received in early October related to your Plan Terminating.
  • What if I do not join a new plan during open enrollment?

    You have a SEP (Special Enrollment Period) that is December 8, 2017 through February 28, 2018. If you enroll before 12/31/2017 your effective date will be 1/1/18. If you enroll in January, your effective date will be 2/1/2018 and you will only have original Medicare for January. If you enroll in February, your effective date will be 3/1/2018 and you will only have original Medicare for January and February.
  • What if I do not join a new plan?

    You will have Original Medicare starting January 1, 2018 if you do not enroll in a new plan. You will also not have Part D prescription coverage. We strongly recommend that you review additional Medicare coverage options as we feel having Original Medicare does not provide an adequate level of protection with an unknown level of risk exposure. We work with every Medicare Advantage Plan available, many Medicare Supplement Plans (appointed with many), and have access to all Part D Prescription Rx plans.
  • Can I disenroll prior to 12/31/17?

    Members are eligible to enroll in a new plan effective 1/1/18, 2/1/18, or 03/01/18. However, if you do not enroll in a new plan by 12/31/17 you will return to Original Medicare on 1/1/18 and you will not have prescription drug coverage. Members can also enroll/disenroll prior to the non-renewal date according to the usual disenrollment processing requirements as provided in CMS Enrollment and Disenrollment guidance.
  • Where can I get more information?

    You can contact Bailey Insurance Services at 406-752-7676 or visit